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Online Seminar

Enterprise Computing (Onlinekurs)

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05.11.2018, 09:00 - 17.12.2018, 20:00
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Online, Deutschland


Whether you withdraw money at a cashpoint, book a flight or buy a train ticket—mainframes are always at work in the background. They do the crucial work and ensure that everything runs securely and without data loss. More than 70 percent of the Global 500s work with mainframes.

Prof. Andreas Polze will examine the subject in his free online course “Enterprise Computing,” offered with experts from the Academic Mainframe Consortium. The Consortium supports academic education on mainframes and aims to advance the research and the development in this field. This course provides an introduction to the topic and will particularly address mainframe architecture and application development. Prof. Polze and his team will further look at databases, transactional systems, the topic of security and mainframes, and storage management.



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