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WeCARe: Workshop on Inclusive Communication between Automated Vehicles and Vulnerable Road Users

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05.10.2020, 08:00 - 23:00 Uhr
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This workshop invites people from different cultures, backgrounds, and affiliations to explore the interplay of automated vehicles and other road users. The workshop emphasizes cultural differences, diversity, and inclusive design solutions for the interaction of AVs and VRUs. We welcome researchers and practitioners with interest in accessible technology, interactive technologies for children, seniors, or people with impairments, or automotive user interfaces. Specifically, we want to reach those developing mobile interfaces for traffic participants (e.g., pedestrians, or cyclists), inclusive interfaces (addressing, e.g., visually impaired people), or external human-machine interfaces for AVs.


Andreas Löcken, Mark Colley, Andrii Matviienko, Kai Holländer, Debargha Dey, Azra Habibovic, Andrew Kun, Susanne Boll, Andreas Riener

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