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Kick-Off AI-Junior-Research-Group GAIN - Graphs in Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks

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Datum und Uhrzeit

05.05.2021, 10:00 - 07.05.2021, 16:00
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University of Kassel GAIN - Intelligent Embedded Systems
Kassel, Deutschland


We are happy to invite you to the kick-off of our junior research group GAIN!

Find out what we want to achieve with our research over the next 4 years, follow exciting talks and a panel discussion on the topic of graphs, graph neural networks and their applications in neuroscience, physics and renewable energies!

It consists of 7 talks from top-level scientists including Franco Scarselli, Viola Priesemann, Matthias Gebhardt, Marián Boguñá, Michael Bronstein, Martin Braun, Alexander Scheidler and Daniel Martinez. covering topics from Graph Neural Networks to Quantum Gravity and Power Supply Networks.

Due to the current situation the event will take place online, but to make it more interactive we have built a virtual 2D world where you can join and network with other participants!

In order to be able to manage the event, please register via email togain|at|uni-kassel|dot|de. You will then receive online access and entry to our virtual 2D world.

Link to our 2D world: world.kickoff.gain-group.de


University of Kassel GAIN - Intelligent Embedded Systems

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