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ITeG-Lecture: "Computation and Organization: The Future of Work and Worker"

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10.02.2021, 17:00 - 19:00 Uhr
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Research Center for Information System Design (ITeG), University of Kassel
Kassel, Deutschland


In the ITeG lecture series "Digital Society - a Design Challenge", Prof. Michael Bernstein, Ph. D., will provide insights on “Computation and Organization: The Future of Work and Worker” on February 10, 2020. He is an Associate Professor of Computer Science and STMicroelectronics Faculty Scholar at Stanford University, where he is a member of the Human-Computer Interaction group


Summary of his presentation:

The future of work is increasingly computational, raising both the possibility of dramatically new forms of organization and the specter of algorithmic worker disenfranchisement. In this talk, I chart both paths. I will describe techniques that articulate a future of "experts in a click", including organizations that fluidly assemble and continuously adapt their efforts. I will then turn to the negative implications of this future, ranging from algorithmic wage theft to systematic disempowerment of workers, and describe techniques we have developed to steer away from those negative outcomes, including platforms for worker collective action, mentorship, and fair wage guarantees. Noting the limits of each of these systems in effecting change, I will lay out the paths that I see in front of us at the intersection of technology and policy.


The lectures take place online (via Zoom). To join the Zoom Meeting, please find the Zoom Link and Meeting ID on the following website: www.uni-kassel.de/go/iteg-lectures


Research Center for Information System Design (ITeG), University of Kassel

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