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ddd: Digital Development Debates 2018

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27.09.2018, 16:00 - 28.09.2018, 16:00
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TU Berlin
Berlin, Deutschland


Digital Development Debates 2018: Germany, a digitally less developed country?


Paying with a mobile phone, free Wi-Fi in public transport or online access to government services - what other countries have been offering for years is far from nationwide implementation in Germany. Why are we lagging behind? What are the reasons for Germany’s slow pace digital development?


Be it in education, in infrastructure or in digital policy structures – even after years of embarrassingly low ranks OECD reports for one of Europe's richest countries, Germany is still by many seen as too hesitant. .


In connection with the INFORMATIK 2018 conference in Berlin you are invited to attend a two-day conference about the current state of digitalization in Germany. We have invited speakers from Brazil, Rwanda and China to learn about digital strategies that have received international attention and recognition. And we hope they can offer some inspiration for Germany’s digital development pathway.


On Thursday afternoon, September 27, 2018 we will open the conference with a keynote by Luana Borges from Brazil. The keynote will be followed by brief impulse to lead into a panel discussion with our three international guests accompanied by three German representatives (t.b.d.)


The following day, September 28, 2018, will consist of two more keynotes, followed by a workshop session that aims map out some of the lessons learned by our international guests and define potential action items for Germany.


The conference language will be in English, entrance is free.


Please register at www.eventbrite.de/e/digital-development-debates-germany-tickets-47885057496 by September 20 to make sure that we have enough chairs and pretzels available.


Fachbereich »Informatik und Gesellschaft« der GI

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